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Individual Owners

Diverse owners, but basically no women

Most print companies are family businesses. Businessmen are more attracted by radios, while individuals with political affiliations value televisions. One of the analysed media belongs to an employer organization (UTICA).

Six TVs of the ten were founded or are held by individuals from the political world. Nebil Karoui, founder of Nessma TV has responsibilities within Nidaa Tounes and Oussama Ben Salem, founder of Zitouna TV and Zitouna Hidaya, is part of the management of Ennahda party, among others. (see Political affiliations)

Some Tunisian businessmen are direct or indirect shareholders in several radio stations, such as Lotfi Abdennadher (Mosaique FM and Diwan FM) or Aziz Miled. When he died on November 7, 2012 he left his shares to his heirs, including his shares in Radio Jawhara FM, and other "indirect" shares (shares held through a venture capital company – SODIC SICAR) in the Radio Sabra FM. (see concentration)

The owners of the newspapers are mostly the men who founded the paper. Their families (wives and children) often hold some shares in the company. In the case of Moncef Ben M'Rad, several members of his family are active in the media sector.

Among the pure player website are some young people (Oussama Aribi and Mustapha Majd) that have businesses in the IT field. Another online media was founded by the daughter of a publishing house owner. Furthermore, Noureddine Ben Ticha (advisor to the President of the Republic) and Tarek Chouchane who also owns a telecommunication company, own an online outlet.

Women are a minority. They are often linked to a man or serve as representative. Asma Ben Jemaii, CEO of El Hiwar Ettounsi, is the wife of Sami Fehri, founder of Ettounsiya TV and a partner in the production company Cactus Prod. Saida El Amri is the widow of the founder of Dar Anour, Chiraz Ben M'Rad, founder of, is the daughter of the owner of the newspaper Akhbar Jomhouria and Rola Essid, wife of Sami Essid, co-founder of Zitouna TV, bought Oussama Ben Salem shares

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