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Dar Assabah

Dar Assabah

The Tunisian press, printing, publishing, distribution and advertising society, "Dar Assabah" is a private company with a capital of 1,008,880 TND, long held by the family Cheikhrouhou. In 2009, Sakhr El Materi, Chairman of the Princesse Holding Group, acquired 70% shares of Dar Assabah. Princesse Holding held also other media such as Radio Zitouna FM (launched by them in 2007). Dar Assabah spoke openly in favor of Ben Ali (eg in 2009). Sakhr El Materi's assets were seized by the state after the revolution and Al Karama Holding (former Princesse Holding) is now under the control of the State (see Decree-Law No. 2011-13 of 14 March 2011, on confiscation of assets and movable and immovable property). Dar Assabah also used to publish the weekly Saba Al Khair before the revolution.

Key facts

Business Form

private (confiscated)

Legal Form

S.A. corporation

Business Sectors

printing, publishing, distribution and advertising


Individual Owner

Media Outlets
Other Media Outlets

Other Print Outlets

Le Temps

Other Online Outlets


General Information

Founding Year



Habib Cheikhrouhou

Affiliated Interests Founder

Cheikhrouhou Habib was born in 1914 in Sfax. In 1951 he founded Assabah, a daily in Arabic, followed by Le Temps in 1997, a daily in French and finally Assabah Al Ousboui, a weekly in Arabic, in 1985. When died in 1994, the publishing house Dar Assabah remained in the hands of his family.


186 (2011)


Boulevard Mohamed Bouazizi, Menzah, Tunis

Tel: +216 71 238 222

Fax:+216 71 753 693

Tax/ ID Number

B164771997 - Register of Commerce
000393H - Tax Number

Financial Information

Revenue (Financial Data/ Optional)

2.7 Mio. $/ 5.6 Mio. TND (2014)

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

-1.4 Mio.$/-3 Mio. TND (2014)

Advertising (in % of total funding)

1.46 Mio. $/ 3.15 Mio TND (2015) (56%)


Executive Board

Al Karama Holding- Mohamed Anouar Maarouf

Non-Executive Board

Missing Data

Supervisory Board

Missing Data

Further Information

Passive Transparency

upon request, ownership data is easily available from the company/channel

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