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Diwan FM Shareholders

Among the 23 owners of the company Addiwen several family links are evident among shareholders.

As for the Jamoussi family, which owns the headquarters of the radio and its various administrative and commercial offices, there is Jamoussi Mokhtar who is married to Bayya Jamoussi. They have two children which are also shareholders of the company, Chihem Chakib and Ferdaous.

As for the Mseddi family, there is Mohamed Amine Abbes and his brother Abbes, managing director of the radio. Wadiia Mseddi is their uncle.

Regarding Yassine Laamouri, shareholder and chairman of the board of the company, he represents and manages several companies of the Abdennadher Group of the businessman Lotfi Abdennadher. Lotfi Abdennadher. Laamouri represents and manages the shares of the Abdennadher Group in the company Addiwen.

As for Rim and Mohamed, with the same surname "Dhouib", the managing director of the radio, Mr. Abbes Mseddi clarified that these two are not related.

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